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This class is specifically designed for our youngest students interested in Hawaiian and Tahitian Dance.  This 45-minute class will provide an introduction to rhythm and movements with traditional and basic Hula and Tahitian steps and songs.  


HULA & TAHITIAN (Ages 5-Adult)

The beauty and gracefulness of the Hawaiian Hula with the energetic movements and rhythms of Tahiti are offered in this combination class.  Students will learn Hula and Tahitian basics and terminology.  Songs and dances of Hawaii and Tahiti will also be taught along with traditional costume making and crafts.  This class allows students to gain an understanding and appreciation for Polynesian culture.

HIP HOP (Ages 3-Teen)

Hip hop dance is constantly evolving.  Our instructors strive to provide our dancers with the knowledge of hip hop culture through its dance aesthetic and new choreographies.  Students will learn basic hip hop techniques, including; body isolations, foot and floor patterns and different choreography in various styles of hip hop.  With each ascending level, the techniques become more intricate and complex, challenging the dancers growing creativity as they develop their hip hop skills.


This upbeat class teaches Broadway-style choreography and show stopping stage presence, with a focus on acting and learning song-and-dance numbers from a wide range of musical productions, past and present.  This class will expose students to acting and improvised exercises, proper vocal techniques and basic dance movements.  Jazz or Ballet classes are recommended for students to take alongside Musical Theater, to fully enhance your child’s experience.

TAP (Ages 6-Teen)

Our tap class will provide students will a strong understanding of basic tap foundation, terminology, timing, and rhythm.  An emphasis will be placed on explanation of terminology and execution of basic steps through more challenging tap rhythms, precise tap sounds, coordination, syncopation and technical execution.  


BALLET & TAP (Ages 3-5)

This combination class introduces young children to very basic and creative dance movement and beginning tap.  In this class, students will learn rhythm and tap choreography as bell as ballet basics.  This fun, nurturing class will also help students begin to develop their social skills and self-confidence.  



JAZZ (Ages 5-Teen)

Students will learn a variety of jazz styles from classic to contemporary.  Classes teach basic jazz dance technique, terminology and movement quality with an emphasis on proper execution of jazz isolations, rhythms, and style performed to both lyrical and contemporary music.  


Vocal (All ages)

Private vocal classes are aimed to build confidence for singing in public, whether it’s for a concert, an audition, or if you’re just having fun on the karaoke machine.  Students will learn proper vocal and breathing techniques as well as a various repertoire of songs from different genres of music.

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