Theater Jazz

Experience the enchantment of theater jazz as our classes seamlessly weave the captivating songs of Broadway musicals with the timeless grace of classic jazz styles. Our skilled instructors prioritize jazz technique, terminology, and movement quality, placing a special emphasis on the precise execution of jazz isolations, rhythms, and style, all choreographed to the melodies of beloved musical songs. Join us for a joy-infused class that readies every dancer for the bright and dazzling world of Broadway!

Jazz Funk

Unleash your rhythm and tap into your power with our jazz funk classes. Dive into the dynamic blend of jazz technique, contemporary influences, and hip-hop grooves. These classes are crafted to elevate your dance skills, allowing you to level up your moves and cultivate your unique artistic flair. Join us as we journey into the exciting world of jazz funk, where your rhythm meets limitless possibilities!


Unleash your inner spark in our positive, vibrant dance community. At Spark of Creation Studio, we welcome both children and adults to explore their passions, boost their confidence, and forge lasting connections. Take the first step by booking a complimentary trial class today!

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