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Te Pura O Te Rahura'a (Pron: Teh-Pooh-Rah-oh-tay-rah-hoo-rah-ah) is the Tahitian name given to Spark of Creation Studio's Polynesian Dance Troupe.   Directed by Marilou Lafon, the group began performing with the opening of Spark of Creation Studio in 2006.  The group has performed and competed at many Polynesian Dance Competitions and Festivals such as, 2018 Hura Tapairu (Tahiti, French Polynesia), San Jose Tahiti Fete (San Jose, CA), Kiki Raina (Merced, CA), Hura Tahiti (Fullerton, CA), Heiva I Montreal (Montreal, Canada), Heiva I Reno (Reno, NV), Heiva I San Diego (San Diego, CA),  Ori Tahiti Nui Competition (Tahiti) and others.   Other notable performances:  2014 Merrie Monarch Hoike (Hilo, HI), 2008 & 2013 Golden State Warriors Halftime Show, 2006 & 2008 San Francisco 49ers Halftime Show.


Te Pura also hosts its annual "Polynesian Showcase" every March.  These performances showcase all of the dancers from the Intermediate, Advanced and Company levels as well as performances from the Te Pura Band (Directed by Raymond Bambao) and the Te Pura Drummers (Directed by Randy Lafon). 


For information about our classes or if you'd like Te Pura to perform at your event, please visit the studio or e-mail Kelli O'Neill at

To stay up to date with all things Te Pura, visit us at

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